Friday, October 1, 2010

I can DO BLUE can you DO BLUE?

OK! Honestly, it wouldn’t be that hard for me to say I’m becoming way too jaded as a professional fund-raiser and consumer. Ribbons and walks are all starting to blur together to me. I’ve now literally started to affiliate causes and illness with colors!

When I think pink I think it’s breast cancer, yellow its Lance Armstong’s Livestrong, and Red is HIV AIDS or the Organization ONE that had everyone wearing those Inspir(RED) shirts. While, I admire Susan G. Komen for getting her own M&MS, I’m not sure I want to think about breast cancer while I’m eating them.

I could go on, but I think there may be a little part of me that is just jealous, because as an Arthritis Foundation employee, I often wish that people would associate arthritis with something other than the elderly. To this day, I can tell you that the majority of the people I have met don’t realize kids get arthritis! It’s such a misunderstood disease.

Well, I may have got my wish! This October 12th is World’s Arthritis Day and the United States and the Arthritis Foundation are participating for the first time and in a big way. And our mission should we choose to accept it…..”DO BLUE”!

I have to admit, at first, it sounded a little funny to me. I mean, can you do a color? Isn’t that not only physically possible but just begging for parody? Sorry I digress, at least BLUE is one of my favorite colors, so visually this ought to be an aesthetically pleasing promotion.

Still what do I do?? And how exactly does one “DO BLUE”? Is it a dance? Of course my first thought was dying my hair blue but come on, that’s so obvious! Not to mention that I have never died my hair so there’s a little fear of the unknown there. I mean they do have ones that rinse out the next day, right? I’ve got to come up with something unique and creative. I am feeling the pressure now. I don’t want to be out-blued by anyone!

I think the beauty of the promotion is instead of something limited like “WEAR BLUE”, this opens things up to allow people with arthritis to express themselves in anyway by using the color blue. Blue shirts, blue toe nails, blue face paint, there are really no limits to how someone can “DO BLUE”.

The moral of the story, as an Arthritis Foundation employee, it’s my job to make you stop and take notice that this October 12th, is a day that 46 million Americans, and 300,000 children that live with the painful reality of arthritis are for the first time uniting with the entire world to bring attention to a cause that is very personal to them.

I am so grateful for my creative friends. Throughout the years many of you have helped produce benefit CDs, art calendars, design T-Shirts; I could go on and on. This time I am humbly asking for your help to turn Orlando blue on Oct 12-World’s Arthritis Day. Some cities are even lighting up skyscrapers! I’m hoping all of you will find some way to “DO BLUE” on that day, and take a picture of it. Then send the picture to me at or post it on my facebook page at I will be using the photos to create a You Tube video and a photo essay for our Foundation’s Florida State E-newsletter that goes out to approximately 25,000 people through the state. Please consider joining us in our efforts! It’s just one day, but it’s a very important day to me and many of the families that I have grown to love along the way. Thanks!!!

Peace, Love & Music T

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