Monday, September 27, 2010

(The Love Shack Series)

I don’t think I’ve ever felt so grateful and yet so anxious at the same time. I’m laying here looking up at a beautiful FULL-MOON from my new backporch (well it's new to me) totally transfixed. Then suddenly the reality of having to work tomorrow seems to steal something from the moment. My prescence! I comfort myself by saying it’s normal. And it’s situational. Relax, Enjoy it. Savor it. Live in the moment.

They say moving is one of the top 3 stressors in life. I’ve moved a lot in my life. But this is my first home purchase as a single adult male. Some people would call that a late-bloomer. In fact, I was determined to not buy a house until I was ready to “plant roots” and settle on a primary city to live in. It took having one of my best friends become a realtor, a co-worker’s phone call convincing me I could plant roots for a season rather than my life, and this less than favorable economy we’re all experiencing to make me buy a house. Not to mention years of therapy.

Now here I sit, papers signed, house 75% finished. Well, I guess finished is a relative term in this case. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I just want to have a housewarming party. But alas the kitchen and ‘Jack and Jill” bathrooms aren’t quite “party worthy”. Neither is the kitchen. However, I have had people in my house. They’ve slowly come, to see and share, inspire me, and help me. More than anything I have gifted plants which is really helping me to discover a whole new world, the outside .

Having been trapped in a my own little world inside my head for the vast majority of my life, I love new worlds and experiments, and this blog has been far too empty, far too long. It’s supposed to just be practice anyway! But I’ve been blocked. I’ve been having writer’s block, mental blocks, road blocks, and way more on my plate than normal having! Hasn’t everybody? I just bought my first house. Isn’t that excuse enough to pardon my self inflicted procrastination?

But in my endless search for balance, it’s only fair I turn some attention to writing. I usually only write when I’m inspired. As a songwriter, that’s my favorite way to write because it just flows in a very surreal spiritual manner. But for me, a blog is a form of literary exercise. I need to learn to write when I’m not inspired. I need to learn to conquer writing blocks. So I’ve plotted a writing workout for myself! It involves a house that love built, and the first group of visitors that have blessed it with their presence.

These introductions will likely occur randomly as I write other stuff for the Arthritis Foundation, excerpts from my forthcoming children’s book trilogy (a fictional series starring my Godchild and niece Elana as an extraordinary child that discovers a family secret that sends her on a magical journey courtesy of the moon, the moonflower cactus, and a big imagination.), and basically my slighty warped but well- intended perspective on LIFE and LOVE.

I hope that if you are taking the time to read my musings you will honor me with your participation by commenting with anything these words bring up for you, be it criticism, or compliment. Anything is better than nothing!


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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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